USGBC to Launch The Center for Green Schools at EE&K’s Stoddert Elementary

Designed to attain LEED for Schools Gold, Stoddert Elementary School is the perfect backdrop for the organization’s launch of the Center for Green Schools. The Center is based on the organization’s vision: “green schools for everyone within this generation.” Stoddert, currently projected to achieve LEED for Schools Gold, will enhance learning by optimizing acoustics, enhancing indoor air quality, providing for thermal control/comfort, providing pervasive natural light and by engaging the students, who organized their own “Energy Patrol,” and community in understanding how the building systems conserve resources.

Stoddert Elementary School is the first school in the District of Columbia to be fully served by a ground source heating and cooling (aka: geothermal) system. A green kiosk in the “heart of the school’ will enable the Energy Patrol and their classmates to monitor and analyze the building’s use of energy and other resources. This performance data will also be available to the interactive whiteboards on classrooms throughout the school.