On the Rise: Huishan - Shanghai Waterfront

The Huishan North Bund master plan consists of approximately 107,182 sq. meters of land to the North of the Huang Pu River. The site offers extraordinary views of not only the river, but also of the Historic Bund District and the newly developing Pudong District which is home to many of the modern skyscrapers being built in Shanghai today. The master plan envisions a vibrant waterfront development with Marina’s accessing the Huang Po River and a riverfront esplanade continuous across the whole site and connecting to the Shanghai International Cruise terminal site on the Western Edge of the development. The development will be connected by a public plaza connecting all the buildings over a shopping center and two levels of parking.

The master plan envisioned 12-15 low-rise buildings and 3 high rise buildings totaling approximately 320,800 square meters of total development. The buildings would house office space, retail, a new shipping transaction building, and a Five-Star Hotel. The buildings are to be designed to allow the lower buildings to be built adjacent to the river, with the high rise buildings constructed behind so that all the buildings on the site could take advantage of the extraordinary views.

Huishan North Bund Site A is a 62,000 sq meter (670,000 sq. ft) mixed-use waterfront development complex located at North Bund area of Shanghai. The development includes four office buildings and one retail building that offer spectacular views over the Huang Pu River, Historic Bund Site, and the newly developing Pudong District. All of the buildings in the development are adjacent to new a new marina that will accommodate nearly 100 boats. The marina will be constructed over the lower levels of retail and parking. EE&K is also designing the ground level plaza that surrounds the Marina as well as the Promenade between this development and the Huang Pu River.

Building 14 of the Huishan development is a 21-story, 100 meter tall high rise office building. The building will be a 35,000 square meter floor plan arranged around a 4 story tall atria stacked up the building that are oriented to take advantage of the views over the new marina, the Huang Pu river, the Pudong District and the Historic Bund District. The buildings ‘saw-tooth’ plan on its East and West facades take advantage of the views while providing additional window area for the offices.

Huishan North Bund Site C consists of two major buildings: a 26,000 sq meter (260,000 sq.ft) new service apartment and an existing building that will be converted to be a 39,000 sq meter (390,000 sq. ft.) 5-star hotel. The initial intention is to rent the service apartments targeting the very high profile clientele in Shanghai and to convert the custom building into a luxury landmark adjacent to the Huang Pu River with a new marina on the west edge. A cantilevered ballroom anchored by a transparent tube, functioning as the main lobby further highlights the unique appearance of the renovated building. Both of the buildings are provided with unparalleled views towards the river and the North Bund of Shanghai which distinguishes them in the highly competitive market. The plaza enclosed by these two buildings, with a specially identified skylight leading to underground retail, further displays the uniqueness and the quality of the project.

This hotel and service apartment complex occupies a riverfront site on the North Bund, a fast emerging new neighborhood in downtown Shanghai. The site affords dramatic views south to the skyscrapers of the Pudong financial district, and west to the row of neo-classical buildings that line the historic Bund waterfront. The service apartment tower is a “remake” of an existing structure involving the addition of significant floor area, new building systems throughout, and a fresh, new architectural form and identity for the building. The 5-star hotel achieves its distinctive sweeping form—likened to a sail unfurled—in direct response to the ever more panoramic views available to the guest rooms as the hotel floors ascend. Tucked behind the “sail” is a monumental atrium that rises the full height of the building.