Circle Centre Arts Garden

Indianapolis, IN

In creating the Artsgarden, EE&K’s solution was to design not just a bridge, but a structure that would be a destination in itself, a place to go as well as pass through. Artsgarden’s structure takes the tradition of the Crystal Palace and other great glass pavilions and turns it into a forum for art and culture. With a stage and sound equipment, it can serve as a venue for musical performances, as well as art exhibits and special events. Movable cafe chairs and tables and fixed benches make it a year-round place to meet friends, share a light meal, and relax in a grove of Black Olive trees.

A sweeping terrace overlooks the main floor, giving a vantage point from which to watch the comings and goings below; a monumental stair unites the second and third floors of Circle Centre with the public space. Though visible for miles, Artsgarden does not overwhelm its immediate environment. The stepped profile of the undercarriage maximizes the light reaching the street; and the facade continues the city’s tradition of well-scaled, finely-crafted buildings in its use of stone, decorative terra cotta, and ornamental metals.

Winner of the International Council of Shopping Centers’ 1997 Certificate of Merit for Innovative Design, EE&K Architects’ design for Circle Centre Mall synthesizes new construction, existing buildings, and restored historic facades to create a shopping environment integrated within its context.

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