Claremont Tower

Newark, NJ

Claremont Tower is the first development parcel to be realized within the guidelines of the Passaic Riverfront Revitalization Plan; a plan established by EE&K, in association with Clark Caton Hintz, for the City of Newark. Phased development of the waterfront park, with projects like Claremont Tower, will help to reintegrate the Passaic Waterfront into the fabric of downtown Newark.

The 500,000 square foot Claremont Tower posed many challenges. Situated on a 4-floor, 400 car garage, the Newark FBI Headquarters’ 7-story office tower is ringed on the ground floor by retail. EE&K not only responded with state-of-the-art technology to address safety concerns but created an environment that encourages the interaction between the public and its government.The exterior design addresses its historic neighbors and the recently completed NJPAC, while simultaneously establishing a design standard for future developments along the waterfront. A curtain wall on the building’s north facade reinforces the importance of the McCarter Highway and Center Street intersection as a gateway into downtown Newark.