Arverne - The Tides Neighborhood

Arverne, NY

The Tides is a transit-oriented mixed-use development that is envisioned as the heart of Arverne by the Sea. The Tides’ mixed-use program features 880 luxury condominiums over retail, oriented around the community’s main street, Ocean Way. Anchored by the Bach 67th Street Subway Station on one end, and Rockaway Beach at the other, Ocean Way is envisioned as a neighborhood retail street featuring street-oriented retail, outdoor cafes and a restaurant cluster along the beach.

The Tides’ ten mixed-use buildings range in height from six to twelve stories. EE&K’s massing scheme maximizes the number of units with Ocean views, while creating a nore intimate scale along the main street. The design of the Ocean Way facades reinforces this scale as well as a sense of variety along the street. Structured parking, which is screened from the Main Street is integrated behind the buildings.

Along the beach, the buildings pick-up on Arverne’s Coastal design theme and responds to the low-rise character of Beachfront Road, a low-key residential street with slow-moving traffic.