Mixed Use Master Plans

EE&K approaches urban design and masterplanning as opportunities to build great cities. As students of cities large and small, and advocates of city life in all its variety and complexity, we relish the chance to contribute to a city’s unique fabric: from designing a new, mixed-use neighborhood to enhancing and redeveloping older communities.

visionary but practical; bold but economically viable

EE&K’s large-scale design work is inspired by certain core principles: We create buildings and places that respond to their unique setting and that reflect their local cultural and historical context. We emphasize the space between buildings: the streets, the parks, the plazas that make up the public realm. Our large-scale plans are visionary but practical; bold but economically viable.

We believe cities are for walking, yet must accommodate the car. We strive for transformative ideas, yet know what it takes to get our plans built.