St. John’s College Campus Master Plan

Annapolis, MD

St. John’s College is unlike any institution of higher education anywhere in the United States, maybe any institution in the world. Its curriculum values the timeless lessons taught in the “great books” and the students, faculty and administration rely on the buildings and the campus setting to advance and sustain the conversation that underpins a St. John’s education.

The campus and its buildings support this timeless educational idea in part through the mix of uses within its buildings and the small, more intimate settings scattered throughout the campus. The college also enjoys a unique setting in the historic city of Annapolis.

Like many urban campuses, room for expansion is limited while the college’s programmatic needs are expanding.
Accordingly, EE&K, in a joint venture with Dynerman Architects, created a plan with the college that builds upon its unique culture and curriculum and enhances the landscape and provides new opportunities for new infill construction that reinforce that larger vision and small scale details of the campus. This new vision for the campus will also be achieved by the systematic renewal of the campus’ historic buildings and by the relocation of key program spaces such as the dining hall, bookstore and the coffee shop to strategic sites that will better foster the on-going conversation.